My dear people: How much I love each of you. How much I bore for all of you. Know this. Everything I had I gave to you. No one took my life from me, I freely gave my life. Accept this! If you cannot accept these words then look at my wounds. So much I gave. Never once were you away from my heart. Every moment I thought of you. Return to my heart for this is where you belong. I am the Good Shepherd. I know my sheep and my sheep know me, so much I long to have every child return to my arms. To sit at the banquet prepared for them. Do not turn away from my heart. Do not be deceived by the pleasures that cause sin and destruction of your soul. Remove everything that takes you away from my heart. Then come to me. I am mercy. I will forgive. I am slow to anger and quick to forgive. That is why I tell you to not be afraid. No matter how scarlet your sins, I will forgive. I love you and you are mine. Come and dwell in the chambers of my heart. Here you will find rest. Here you will be comforted. Here will I dry all of your tears. My brothers and sisters: Know that you are loved and wanted. Know that you have a seat at the banquet in Heaven. All of this waits for your coming home. Start today by giving your “yes” to my plan. Give your “Yes” to my will in your lives. Give me your “Yes” so I can change your hearts. So much I am ready to give you. If only you would turn your eyes and hearts towards me. My heart is overflowing with graces for my Father’s children. This is how loved you are. I am sending you my priestly blessings tonight. I love you with an everlasting love. My peace I give to you.  


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