Brothers and sisters: Enter into the chambers of my heart. There you will find peace. There you will find forgiveness. There you will be comforted. In these very chambers I held each of you so dearly. You were in my heart during every step I took. It is in my Sacred Heart pierced for you that I ask you to unite yourself to me. Give me your “yes”. I will heal all of your wounds. I am mercy. I am love. I will send you graces to give you virtues so that you may begin to live each day anew. You can begin to see your brothers and sisters through my eyes: the eyes of love and mercy, instead of eyes of anger and jealously. My brothers and sisters: Give me your hearts so I can change them from hearts of stone, to hearts of love that cry out to their lost brothers and sisters. Hearts that love everyone with tenderness. This is how you enter into my love. This is what I ask of you. To begin to love everyone you encounter. Love them unconditionally. Love them without expecting to be loved back. Then I will bless you. So many graces you will receive. How your treasure will begin to grow. You are mine. I love you. You belong to me. My peace I give to you. I am blessing you tonight.  

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