My Mercy” Jesus
“Teach them about my mercy. My mercy is for this generation. I did not come for the righteous; I came for those who were ill: In need of a physician. The more ardent the sinner the more right he has to my mercy.  
Dear brothers and sisters: How I long to teach you about my mercy. My Passion is my mercy. Each of you was in my heart when I bore that heavy cross for you. Every flesh wound carried a name: Pride, Lust, Envy, and Anger. My love for you conquered all. Even death itself I conquered. Each one of you was in my heart in every moment. How I longed to bare everything for your salvation. If only you could understand the depth of my love. You would not hesitate to trust me in every moment: Even when you take your last breath. Everything I have given for you. So do not fear coming to me. Even if your sins are many I will forgive them all. I will kiss your every tear. I am love. I am mercy. I am the gate that leads to your home. Your home, created for you. I would not tell you this if it were no so. Come to me. Place all of your fears and concerns into the chambers of my heart. It is in these very chambers that I have carved your name. My brothers and sisters: Take what I am telling you, deep into your own heart. Begin to see anew. When you look at each other look with love. Look with compassion. Be slow to anger and quick to forgive. Keep nothing that will cost you your soul. Remove everything that causes you to sin. Empty yourselves of all evil and I will fill you with good and holy virtues. Remember everyone you meet along your road is an opportunity to learn love. They will help you grow in virtues and faith. Likewise you will be a source of light and comfort to them. I am sending you my priestly blessing. You are loved. Remember this. My peace I give to you.  

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