My brothers and sisters. I am the Good Shepherd. I know my sheep and my sheep know me. Listen. Look into your heart. I am calling out to you. As I have said no one should be lost to my heart. Yet so many distractions in your world keep you from me. You have let things enter your heart ahead of me. Do not fear. I am all love. I am all mercy. I have forgiveness for you. Now is the hour to stop where you are at and give me your “yes”. Put aside all distractions and let me again reign in your hearts. I will fill you with peace. I will send you graces. I am the light. Do not entertain in the dark. Only evil will come from this. Rather keep yourself in the light. Away from all darkness. Where what you do can be seen by all. There you will find favor with God. Your efforts to live a holy life will be rewarded. I love you and I an sending my peace to you tonight. Be a light for all the world to see. Then your brothers and sisters will find their way. What joy you will have when you share a seat at the banquet with those very same brothers and sisters that you helped. Trust in what I tell you. Your reward will be great. I am blessing your efforts tonight. 
Blessed Mother

My dear children. How much a mother loves her children. Even if that child disappoints. A mother’s love will always heal and soothe her child. I am your mother. I intercede for you. So often I pray for my children to return to a life of purity. A life of prayer. A life of virtue. These are not lofty goals that cannot be reached. These are goals that merely need grace to attain. I am praying for you to receive graces from my son for these very goals. I love you dear children. Heaven is your home. Here you will have such joy and happiness. What seems like a large sacrifice now will be a joy for you in Heaven. You would gladly sacrifice much if you could begin to understand how loved and wanted you are. You are never far from my heart or prayers. I sacrifice much for you dear children. That is how much I love each one of you. I sacrificed the life of my only son. What greater sacrifice can a mother make. Even Abraham was spared this sacrifice. No my children. There is only love for you here. No sacrifice is too great when your eternal soul is concerned. And likewise no sacrifice is too small when made with love and a trusting faithful heart. I love you my dear little ones. 

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