Brothers and sisters come to me and I will give you rest. I am the lamb slain for her people. Do not fear coming to me and confiding in me. I am mercy. I hear all of your worries and concerns. Nothing eludes my heart. Especially when you unite yourself to me. I love you. Take refuge in my Sacred Heart pierced open for you. When you enter into the chambers of my heart you unite yourself to my passion. You unite yourself to your salvation. Heaven was created for your happiness. Rejoice in this. What was once lost has been found. Give your “yes” to Heaven. That is your eternal reward. I am blessing you tonight. 
Blessed Mother

My dear children. How I love you. I am always ready to intercede on your behalf. I cannot tell you enough to begin to pray from your heart. Return again to prayer in your families. Let you homes be a light for others who are in the dark. Pray for all children to be united to the Father. How happy Heaven rejoices when a lost child returns home. My children I love you. Take shelter in my immaculate heart. You are loved. 

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