Dear brothers and sisters. Look into the chambers of my heart. Reflect on what you see. My love and mercy for you. Now I ask you to look into the chambers of your own hearts. What do you see? Do you see love and mercy for your brothers and sisters? Do you see kindness offered? Do you see forgiveness given? If you do not see these virtues then neither do I. What good will it do you to gain the whole world and lose your eternal reward? When you come before me at your judgment how will you explain the lack of kindness and love you showed the very people I placed in your life? Every person you meet is an opportunity for you to grow in love.
A person becomes a saint by learning to love. These brothers and sisters ( saints) followed my example and put their brothers and sisters ahead of themselves. They offered their things and replaced it with virtues. They looked inside themselves and pursued the path that brought them to my heart. Was their journey easy? No. Much suffering occurred. They were not sad. No. They were filled with joy. Why? Because they saw the happiness when their siblings changed their course and began to journey with them towards Heaven. They trusted in my providence. 
I tell you each of you are called to be saints. Just look inside your own hearts. What have you placed first in your life. What have you placed second. Stop where you are at. Pick up your cross and come follow me. I love you. I am sending you graces so you can see your heart. Just ask me. I will reveal your difficulties. How much your lives would change if you start loving everyone you encounter. Pray. I hear your prayers. You are in my merciful heart. Offer me your “yes” in this task. I am blessing your efforts. 

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