God the Father
My children. It is I your Heavenly Father. Listen carefully to what I am telling you. Go out. Look around. Where is your mercy? Why do my children continue to go hungry, when so many of my children are wasting the blessings they have? What is more important. The things you are surrounding yourselves with or your brothers and sisters? What you do for the least of my children you have done for me. I will reward you. What will your reward be? You will begin to grow in love. Joy will fill your heart. You will begin to understand the value of each of my children. Where your treasure is, there is where your heart also is. My children where is your treasure? What have you surrounded yourselves with. How many things will you continue to get before you have happiness. I have told you happiness does not lie in things. If you want joy then begin to take care of your brothers and sisters. What you give to my children with love I see. Set your heart on a path towards Heaven. Along this road I will place people in your lives. This is to learn love. Not every person will be joyful. Love them anyway. What sacrifice is there in loving someone who is your friend. I ask you to love my children who are not your friends. When you fill your hearts with joy you will be joyful. Place me first in your heart. Spread my love to everyone. Give without seeking a reward. I will reward you. I am sending you graces to aid your hearts. I love you. 

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