Let the children come to me 
Brothers and sisters. Open your hearts to me tonight. If you want to enter the Kingdom you need to trust in me like a child. Children trust that their parents will care for them. When a child ask his mother for some food. They know she will give them food. They trust completely. They do not hesitate for a second wondering if their mother or father will give them what they ask for. The only time a parent refuses their child is when what they ask for is unsafe or harmful to their child. That is why I tell you ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and I will open the door. Whatever you ask for I will grant if your request is within my will for you. My brothers and sisters you need to have child like trust. Trust me with everything. Do not fear coming to me. I already know what is in your heart. Come to me and trust. When you pray. Pray from your heart. Do not just pray with your lips. No. Look inside your heart. Quiet yourself. Then unite yourself to me. I am here. I will listen. Then tell me your desires. Place your trust that I will give you what is necessary to help you grow in love. Have patience while you carry your crosses. Your cross is what will help you grow in faith. Ask only for the graces to carry your cross. If you wish to follow me you must pick up your cross. I know a cross can be difficult to bear. When you are troubled call out to me. I will assist you with graces. I tell you all of this because my desire is for your salvation. I love you. Give your “yes” to me and I will bless your efforts. 

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