Brothers and sisters. It is I your Lord. I am divine mercy. Come tonight and envelope yourselves into the depths of my mercy. My mercy is an ocean of graces pouring out to all who come to me with child like trust. I forgive everything that you need to tell me. I see your contrite hearts. Look to my hands pierced for you. Look at my feet. They walked a lonely hard road for you. Look at my head. I wore a crown of thorns for you. Look at my flesh. Torn open for you. And look into my Divine Heart. Pierced open so the floodgates of my merciful blood could be poured out for you. Brothers and sisters. If you do not believe in what I am telling you. Look at what I offered for you. My love has no conditions. My heart has mercy for my people. Come instead tonight and nestle yourself in my bosom of love. Place yourself deep within the chambers of the very heart I united myself with you tonight. Do not be afraid. No matter how dark your sins may be I will forgive. No matter how torn and tattered your garments are I will make them new. I am your king. I am the king of salvation. Brought down to your world to free you from the bondage of sin. Call out to me. I will hear you. Whisper your troubles. I will give you grace. Come to me tonight and give me your “yes” and I will give you freedom. I love you with an everlasting love. 

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