Blessed Mother
My dear little children. It is I your heavenly mother sending you warm greetings. You are so special to my heart. Truly you are loved by all of Heaven. Listen to my plea to you. Begin to pray from your hearts. Return to prayer as a family. When my Son returns as the center of your families you will have happiness and joy again. You will live a life of peace. Graces will envelope your lives. Bring yourselves back to the Father. Make this your choice. Give your “yes” freely. When you begin to pray as a family your children will learn about the Father from you. They will learn about my Son’s love and compassion for his brothers and sisters. Read the bible to your children nightly. Much can be learned by following the examples of my Son. I want your lives to be filled with joy again my children. So much sadness is in your hearts. You lack trust in my Son. You lack faith in your relationship with the Father. You doubt where your home is. Where you belong. I am your mother. I assure you Heaven is real. It is your true home where you belong. My Son paid the price for you. He did this solely out of love for you. Do not turn your backs on such love. There is nothing in your world worth risking your eternal reward for. Begin tonight by giving your “yes” to God. Return to a life of prayer. Return to the sacraments to give you strength. This is a long road, but you never journey it alone. My Son is always at your side. Your angels are carrying the light to guide your path. I am interceding with my prayers before the throne of God for you my children. But all of this can only be done with your “yes”. The decision is truly yours. I love you. Know this. I am folding you in my mantle of motherly love tonight. You are so dear to my motherly heart. My heart too was pierced for you. I accepted this sword out of love for my children. You may feel lost in this journey, but know that you are never lost to my heart. I bless your decisions and I am praying earnestly for you tonight. 

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