God the Father
Open your hearts to me tonight. It is I your Heavenly Father. Tonight I wish to talk about my mercy. My mercy is endless. So is my love for my children. I sent my only Son into the world I created to help my children come back to their Father. Some have chosen the path home. Others start out on the right path and turn back when the road becomes difficult. Still others change course almost as soon as they get started. And some do not know there is a path. My children if you only knew how loved you are. How I created all of this with you in my heart. How difficult it was to watch my Son suffer for your salvation. My Son gave his “yes” freely and without regard to his own personal comfort. He gave from his heart. He gave everything. In turn I have given him everything. If you wish to become holy follow my Son. When you give freely without concern to what you will get, my heart is filled with joy. My child understands love. My mercy is my love. The more you love the more willing you are to forgive. When you come to me and are truly sorry for your mistakes my heart is softened and I forgive. I give my graces to that soul so they can overcome their mistakes in the future. How a parent looks to guide their children. Not with anger or harsh words but with love and comforting words of acceptance for their child’s attempts. When a child shows effort how can a parent get angry. I too look at the efforts of my children. I look into your hearts. I look for your “yes” in each moment. In every step you take. I am not angry. No. I love. Only love emanates from me. I am justice and I am mercy. Yes, that is how a parent needs to be so their children can be truly happy. But first and foremost I am love. Never be afraid to come to your Heavenly Father. I see your concerns. I hear your worries. Come to me and I will give you comfort. I will send graces to help guide you. My child you are never away from my heart. I know the very number of strands of hair on your head. Nothing is hidden from me. I love you with an everlasting love. I send you my blessings and peace tonight. 

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