Blessed Mother
My dear children. It is I your heavenly mother sending you warm greetings from Heaven. My dear little ones. How loved you are. Continue to offer me your prayers and sacrifices. You are such beautiful flowers and your prayers are beautiful petals that I bring to my Son. He in turn showers you with graces. So much good comes from even the tiniest sacrifice when given from a heart full of love. Tonight my dears focus your attention on putting God the Father first in your hearts joined with my Son. Then place your thoughts towards your brothers and sisters that need your love and prayers. That is how you become holy. My Son already knows what your needs are. Trust in him. Put away your concerns for yourself and place others ahead in your heart. Then you will grow in love. You will emulate my Son. You will be giving your “yes” to him. I m interceding for you always. 
Brothers and sisters. Do you understand how the smallest sacrifice will grow and bloom in your heart. So many great things start out as tiny prayers. Just a whisper heard by the Father. His heart is moved by the sincerity of this small prayer. He blesses it and sends graces to help this person become holy. A great saint is born out of such a tiny prayer. Never underestimate the love heaven has for her children. Or the power a simple yes to God has. You are all called to be saints. How do you accomplish this. By whispering your “yes”. Then trusting with your whole heart. Allowing the Father to enter your soul and fill you with grace. Come to me and I will give you the bread of life. We are all one body. We are all one family united by our love. This is what Heaven is. Your eternal home. I love you and I am sending you blessings. May your hearts burst open with love and peace tonight. 

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