Brothers and sisters. Tonight I give you my mercy. Tonight I unite myself to all of my brothers and sisters. Look into the chambers of my Sacred Heart. What do you see? A heart that is pierced open for you. Your name is carved in my heart. My blood poured out for mankind. Yes, but it also poured out for you personally. Do you not understand that I love you each in a special way. So important to me are you. You are loved and don’t realize to what extent this love is. Not trickled from my heart but poured out. My mercy is infinite. My love is infinite. I am patient. I am mercy I am love. I am the resurrection. Your salvation. Pick up your cross and follow me. How? By trusting that I will provide the graces necessary for you to follow. The path to my heart is straight. It is the devil that puts obstacles in your path. The obstacles look so enticing. They seem to be a relief from your suffering. Yet when you taste of it’s fruit it is bitter with remorse. Instead hold fast. Offer everything to me. Stay close to my heart and you will stay straight on the road before you. My brothers and sisters I cannot stress enough the importance of giving your “yes”. I have said I will continue to ask for your “yes” every moment. You are uniting yourself to the will of the Father. The plan of salvation. You are saying “yes” to my merciful heart. Heaven is yours. Freely given to you. All you have to do is say “yes” and set forth on the road. My love will sustain any difficulties you encounter. All you need to do is trust in my forgiveness. Trust in my mercy. Trust in my love. Say. “Jesus I trust in you.” Repeat that to yourself until it is ingrained into your heart. My brothers and sisters I am blessing you tonight. My peace I give to you. 

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