God the Father
My dear people it is I your Father. Tonight I wish to teach you about grace. My grace. My grace comes from the center of my heart. I send it to you and it touches your very soul. The soul I breathed life into. My grace helps navigate you through your time here. It is your compass steering you. My love is why you exist. My grace is what helps you take each step. My arms are full of graces to be sent to you. How do you receive these graces. Ask. My children ask your Father. Ask me for everything. I have told you repeatedly nothing goes unnoticed by me. Nor can you stay hidden from my heart either. My heart is where you belong. My mercy is the very well you need to draw near. Give me your “yes” and I will fill your soul with grace. I will fill your soul with love. I will give you my mercy. How can I so easily forgive. Because I so easily love. So much have I given to my children. Even my only son. How many times would you sacrifice for your own child? How many times would you show your child mercy? If your child needed help would you not give it? Again do you not try to guide your own children’s lives? When they are lost do you go and set out to find them? All of this I have done for you. You have the freedom to choose your path. Set the course for my heart. I love you with an everlasting love. I carved you from the palm of my hand. My child you are loved. Never did I leave you orphaned. My blessings I give to you. Yes. You belong to me. 

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