Heavenly Father I give you my yes today. 
Dear children. It is I your Father, who comes to you tonight with open arms. Ready to embrace my children. So much I have created for you. For your happiness. Look around, did I not give all of this to you? Did I not create the air you are breathing or the water that sustains you? Did I not create the very earth you walk upon? I even created the food you eat. But my greatest creation was you. My children. My greatest mercy was sending my only son into your world. I sent him to redeem you. I sent him to bring you salvation. That is how much I love you. That is how merciful my heart is for my children. Come tonight and lift your hearts to me. Give me your “yes” and I will fill you with peace. Place me first in your hearts. Nothing should come before me in your hearts. You are mine are you not? You belong to me. What I have given you I have given out of love. It is your love that I wish for in return. I have given you the freedom to say “yes” to your Father or turn away from all that is yours. My desire is that you will freely give your “yes” to me. This is what I am asking of you my children. To return to my heart and rid yourselves of the things that lead you so far from me. What will you lose leaving behind those things that really cost you your precious time. Instead return to my heart. Spend your time on the things that bring you eternal happiness. I will bless you and you will have treasure in Heaven. 

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