4/23/2011St PaulDear brothers and sisters. I have come to share the good news of Jesus Christ. He was, is and always shall be King and Savior to us all. My peace to you. Let us learn from the gift of our Lord’s passion. He truly loved us with his whole being. He made us children of his Father and sons and daughters of his mother. All we have, he has given us. Let us rejoice in such a giving King. The gates have been opened and the kingdom is waiting for our arrival. Now is the time to come to the table and share in it’s feast. My prayers and greetings are with you. May the almighty living God bless each one of you tonight. The Lamb of God has taken away the sins of the world let us rest in his peace. My dearest children. It is I St. Anne. My prayers and love are with you tonight. All of Heaven rejoices with you. Celebrate the love my Grandson has shown to his people. He is the Good Shepherd. He keeps watch over his sheep. Yes. Now is a time of rejoicing. I love you and again my prayers are with you tonight. Greetings. It is I St. Michael sounding trumpets of gladness. The king of salvation has won the Kingdom for her people. The Master has bared everything and now the cup of salvation is full. Ready to be poured out upon the whole of mankind. Let your hearts be lifted up to Heaven and the sounds of trumpets echo in your soul. 

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