JesusPrevious Good Friday message

Dear brothers and sisters. Tonight you enter into the remembrance of my passion. My love poured out for all of mankind. When you look at my wounds do not fear coming to me. Yes, your sins pounded those very nails into my flesh. Your pride pressed those thorns into my scalp. And your lust led to my scourging. Yes, I suffered greatly for you. Not once taking my eyes off what lie ahead of me. I picked up my cross and bore the transgressions of all mankind. I carried them along a road littered with illness, sadness, anger, of my brothers and sisters. My lost sheep of Israel. I loved you every moment and every step I took. So do not fear coming to me tonight. What I did, I did out of pure love for you. This is what love is all about. Freely denying oneself for the sake of another. There were many difficulties on my road to Calvary. Much like your own roads you are taking tonight. I understand your pain. I understand your weakness. That is why I came into this world. To be united with you. To offer myself as a ransom for your sins. I came to heal mankind of it’s sins. The blind could see. The lame could walk and the deaf heard. You are never lost from my heart. It is your choices that separate us. I am always here loving you. Waiting for you to come back to my heart. Have peace. I am the lamb slain for her people. Soon we will celebrate my return. When all the hearts of men will be laid bare before me. Be glad for the Kingdom prepared for you is here. I am the resurrection. I am the bread of life. Come follow me and you will have peace. You will have eternal happiness. I am blessing you. 

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