St. Michael
It is I St. Michael sounding a trumpet in the hearts of all mankind. Arise from your slumber. The hour is now to lift your hearts to the king. Turn away from all evildoing and return to a life of holy virtues. Ready your soul and keep a watch always. Do not be left outside in the dark. Keep close to the road before you. The road that has been marked with the slain Lamb’s blood. Pick up your crosses and follow the Lamb of God who takes away your sins. The hour is at hand and do not delay. Call on us your guardians for assistance. You are the children of God. Place the Kingdom prepared for you in your hearts. Your seat has been purchased by the Lamb that was slain. Do not look away at what was given to you so freely. Free to you yes, but at what cost to your Father? At what cost to our Queen? At what cost to your brother? Are you ready to stand up and turn away from what is keeping you from saying “yes” tonight? All of Heaven is watching and waiting for your decision. Prayers are being offered on your behalf. Understand that you are loved. Understand that you are also being led astray by the evil one lurking behind every thought, word, and deed that is done with a hard heart. Do not be led astray by his illusions. Nourish yourselves with the bread of life. Come to the table. Unite yourself to your King and Savior. He is the truth. He is your salvation. I wish you peace on your quest tonight. 

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