St. Paul
Beloved, It is I St Paul coming to talk to you about repentance. This is a time of grace for your world. This is a time to reflect where you are at. Jesus Christ is the living bread sent from Heaven. Born into your world. Nailed to a cross by mankind and freely did all of this so you could enter the kingdom of Heaven. Now is the time to reflect on where you are at this moment. If you are living a sinful life repent to the Lord for he is merciful. If you are living and doing wrong by your brother. Repent because that brother is just as much a child of God as you are. If you are speaking falsely or with a hurtful tongue. Repent. Your tongue should be used for the praises of your king. So much has been given to you. Such a price was paid for you by a king you hardly know. Now is the time to change this. Return to your Savior. It is not too late. Your generation is in a time of the Lord’s mercy. Envelope yourselves in this grace. May the almighty Son of God bless you tonight. 

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