God the Father
My dear people. It is I your Father. I come tonight to talk to you about forgiveness. Forgiveness comes from the heart. It is an act of love. I love. That is why I so freely forgive. But you my dear children do not practice forgiveness. Instead you hold onto your anger. You begin to have hard hearts. Then you are not able to see your brothers and sisters as family. They become strangers. Love comes from forgiveness. To seek forgiveness I ask that you begin by forgiving your brother or sister that you have a difficulty with. Immediately forgive that sibling. Open your heart to them. Then come to me. I will bless your efforts. I will also forgive easily all your transgressions. Remember, You also walk a difficult road not unlike the sibling that you are having a hard heart about. To begin to learn love my children, you must begin by learning forgiveness. Then you will have removed the hatred from your hearts and I can fill your heart with graces. Love will begin to fill your heart and overflow. This is how peace will return to your world. When your hearts overflow with love for your siblings here you would not be so quick to judge or offend them. They would also not wish to offend a brother so loving and willing to forgive. Sound familiar? My son is your brother who loved you so freely. He was quick to forgive your transgressions. Even when those offenses occurred during his passion. He laid bare on a cross and was pleading with me for forgiveness of you his brothers and sisters. What was the outcome of such an act of love? Paradise. Your entry to the kingdom created for you. He opened the door to my heart. Begin to forgive one another. That is what I am asking of my children tonight. I am blessing you my children. Return to my heart. Give me your “yes” in this. I love you and you belong to me. 

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