My brothers and sisters. Carefully ponder what I am telling you. The weight of your sins, I carried with me to Calvary. Each transgression was a thorn I bore for you. Every time you utter my name do you think of the price I paid for your salvation. Do you speak my name with love or do you have no thought at all. Merely letting your tongue run unguarded. When will you wake up and realize how special you are to me. How dearly you are loved. When I speak your name tears of patience roll down my cheek. Patience for your return. Giving your “yes” to the path that leads to my heart. How wounded I wait for you. Yet I am merciful. I am patient. I am love. I freely gave my life for you. You have the freedom to say “yes” to my heart or turn away. The decision is yours. Ponder in the depths of your soul how loved you are by me. Then say my name with love from your heart. I am love. 

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