Blessed Mother
My dear children. You are such beautiful flowers in God’s garden. So special and unique. If only you could see yourself the way Heaven sees you. How does a parent see their children? Through the eyes of love. When they talk about them their faces light up. They see all the wonderful traits in them. Yes, sometimes children disappoint their parents. Even causing them to worry. Yet they still see all the goodness. They see joy in each child. A parent does not focus solely on the poor qualities. The negative. No they encourage their child. They offer support and love. I am no different. I love each of you my dear sweet children. I see you with the eyes of love. Through Heaven’s eyes. I am here to offer you encouragement. I know there are trials in each of your lives. Yes, difficulties lie ahead for each of you. But do not fear such events. You are not alone. I am always praying and interceding for each of my children. Truly you are loved. You have a special place in all of our hearts. Never forget that you are called to be great saints in Heaven. You are chosen and cherished by the Father. You are here because the Father loves you and created you from that love. Give your “yes” to the Father’s plan. Listen to my Son. He offered his life for you. He is the Good Shepherd calling each of you his sheep. Do not be troubled tonight. Keep your eyes turned towards Heaven. Trust that the Father is hearing all of the prayers of his children. I am praying for you tonight. May my Son bless you and keep you close to his heart. Unite yourself to him. This is where you belong. I love you and I am praying for this. 

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