My brothers and sisters. Heaven can be compared to a rose plant. The rose starts out as a branch with thorns. The branch is your faith. The thorns are trials you endure along the way. When you nourish your faith the rose’s branches grow strong and large. How do you nourish your faith. Simply. Come to the table and receive my body. I am the life giving bread. Follow what I have been teaching you. Love your brothers and sisters. Give your “yes” to the Father. Begin to build a treasure that will not rust or decay. One that cannot be taken from you. This is how you begin to build faith. Then trust in your God with all your heart. Offer everything to me and I will give you the graces necessary to succeed. After much love you will be rewarded with the most amazing flower. Heaven is that rose. So beautiful and fragrant. A rose is a treasure to behold. Heaven is your reward for growing so strong on your journey. You are all so beautiful. God is the Gardner. Yes he will prune away at the dead branches. Yes. The weeds will be removed too. So carefully will he take care of each of his precious flowers. Completely trust in the Father. Unite yourself to my passion. Place yourself in the chambers of my heart. I love you. I am blessing your efforts tonight. My peace to you. 

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