My brothers and sisters. Tonight I come to teach you about loving from a trusting heart. A heart that trusts in me pleases me very much. Never fear coming to me with your troubles or concerns. I am listening with a loving heart. Never fear coming to me when you have sinned. Thinking that your offense will be so wounding to me that I could not possibly forgive you. No my dear brothers and sisters. Quite the contrary. You are more in need of my mercy. I tell you this world has more access to my merciful heart. I have opened the floodgates of my mercy. All you need to do is believe in what I am telling you. Trust in me your merciful Savior. Look to my cross. Is that not a brother who loves you. If I was willing to lay down my life for you then surely I will forgive you of your mistakes. Yes I am offended when you choose to have a hardened heart towards your siblings. That is why I came into this world. To light the way. I am the light. Come to me and I will give you the graces to change. I will help you grow in faith and love. I will nourish your soul with my body. For I am the bread of everlasting life. I am the true bread that came down from Heaven to bring you salvation. Do not be afraid to come to me. I will comfort your wounded hearts. Remember I am love and mercy. I am the Good Shepherd. Fear not. Choose the path that leads to my heart. Give your “yes” to me. Heaven celebrates the return of a lost child. There is no child that should be lost. My Father loves all of his children. How close you are to our heart. How dearly you are loved. You are so precious. Remember the value of your soul. I know your value. I was that ransom. My life paid the price for yours. Nothing you have done will ever stop me from loving you or seeking you out. Even to the ends of this world. Come to me and fear not. I love you. You belong to Heaven. This is your home. Never forget you have a seat at the banquet a seat that has been purchased for you. You are the invited guest. Even more than that. You are family. I am blessing you with my priestly blessings. Have peace in your hearts tonight. Open your heart to me and I will dwell in there. 

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