God the Father
My dear children. How hard your road is at times. There is nothing that happens to you that I do not see. I love you so very much. I created this world as a school of love for you. My Son is your teacher. What were his words when he walked this world. Love. Forgiveness. Honesty. Forbearance. Understanding. Much was taught. So few listen. How many turn away from my heart when the journey gets difficult. Do not be afraid. I have much compassion for my children. Look to my Son. Unite yourself to his passion. That day while extremely difficult opened the door to Heaven and my heart. Heaven is a place I created out of love for my children. Only love can enter. Remove hatred from your hearts. Say “yes” to this path leading you to your true home. Do not look back at your past mistakes. Just offer me those sorrows. Be contrite and I will forgive. The only time you have is the present moment. Nothing else. I have not yet given you tomorrow. So place your present moment in my Fatherly arms. Give me everything. I will bless your efforts and we will reign in your heart. I am your Father. I created you out of nothing. And yet I created you with love. You were in my heart from the beginning. I created messengers to assist you during your journey. I sent my only son to lead you to me. Come to my heart. I love you and you are mine. You belong to me. 

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