Heavenly Father I give you my yes today. 
Brothers and sisters. Your “yes” is important. You are uniting yourselves to the will of my Father. You are uniting yourselves to me. I am in the Father and the Father is in me. Give us your “yes” tonight. Accept whatever crosses you are baring. Ask for the graces to bare these trials patiently and with much love. When you approach a trial with love and acceptance. The load will become more bearable. You need to ask for the grace of patience. Every cross will yield you much fruit if you surrender that cross to me. Again I ask you to give your “yes” to us. You will not be led astray. I am truth. I am the Good Shepherd who laid down his life for his sheep. You are mine. You are my sheep. No brother or sister should be lost to my heart. Remember I will seek you out even to the ends of this world. That is how loved you are. Do not be deceived by the things or promises of this world. There is much hatred and illness lurking about. Do not let yourself be fooled by the easy paths being offered. Instead unite yourself to me. Stay close to my heart. I am the path to salvation. Come and follow me. I will give you the graces needed to enter the Kingdom. I opened the door for you. You just need to enter. The quickest way is to enter through the chambers of my heart. I love you and you are mine. Come and see. I have a place for you at the banquet table. Do not turn away from what is yours. ( I see the Lord raising his hand toward Heaven and the other hand is pointing to a pile of rubble heaped on the floor in ashes. The pile is items from earth that we placed in our hearts instead of God. These are the items we made our God )

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