Be not afraid. It is I your Lord. Tell me about your fears. Open your heart to me. Tell me what is troubling you. I come with much love. I am pouring out my mercy and graces to this world. Dear brothers and sisters you are so loved by all of Heaven. Be not troubled tonight. Take comfort in my heart opened for you. My Father hears all of his children’s prayers. Even the smallest cry is heard by the Father. How loved are you? So loved that the Father sent me into your world to bring you home. All of my sufferings were offered out of love for you. So again I say fear not. I am with you. Place your trust in me. Give your “yes” to Heaven. This is where you belong. This is your true home. Spend your time learning love. Practice charity towards your brothers and sisters. Practice patience in your own daily trials. These trials will lead to graces. Suffering with love yields much. Look at the rose. Many thorns cover the branch and yet a beautiful flower emerges. The fragrance rises up to Heaven and pleases the Father. Your patience and acceptance of the sufferings and trials in your life also pleases the Father. All of your tears here will be no more when you are home in Heaven. You truly are beautiful flowers in the Heavenly garden. Each unique and cherished. Remember how loved you are and extend that love to your brother and sister tonight. I am blessing you with my priestly blessing. Go and take care of each other. I am with you. 
Blessed Mother

My dear children. I am offering my prayers to the Father on your behalf. ( I see our Lady at the throne of Heaven praying before God the Father, her Son, and the Holy Spirit) How special you are to me my dear little ones. This journey is difficult. There are many thorns along the path. However you are not alone. I am taking your prayers and turning your thorns Into rose petals that I bring to the Father. (I see her on a dirt road. She is picking up thorns. As we pray They turn into petals that she places in her apron. She is collecting them to show and offer them to God.). Your efforts are like a beautiful fragrance rising up to Heaven. Ask my son for graces to endure what lies ahead for you. He is your merciful savior and your King. But he is also your brother who loves you. Just as all of Heaven has much love and hope for all of God’s children here. You are loved. Know this. 

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