My brothers and sisters. I come to teach about faith. Faith is like a tree in the garden. When a person has strong faith their tree will shelter them from any storm. Their tree will not be affected when there is a drought. However a weak faith is like a small tree. This tree has potential to grow if nourished properly from prayers, sacrifices and graces. If the tree remains small then it will not be able to protect you during a storm. This tree will fade away during a drought. God is the Gardener in this garden. He nourishes his children’s trees with living water. Faith is a gift from the Father. Gifts can be placed on a closet shelf and forgotten about. When trials come where will your faith be? Place your faith in the center of your heart. Come to the table and receive the bread of life. I will give you everlasting food. Give your “yes” tonight. This will be the first step on your path to strong faith. Do not hide your light. Let it shine for all the world to see. Then everyone will see your joy and wish to join you on your road. Whoever leads a little one to my mercy will receive mercy when I come as the just judge. You will receive the merciful Savior instead. Grow a strong tree of faith. Trust. I am sending you graces to water your tree. I am blessing you tonight. 

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