My peace I give to you tonight my dear brothers and sisters. I long to teach you about understanding. What it takes to have understanding of your brothers and sisters needs. First, you must remove all anger and hatred from your heart. Ask me to replace that anger with graces of love. I will soften your hard heart. Begin to remove the obstacles in your vision. The plank of wood you have in your eye that is preventing you from seeing your brother and sister. You still see them as strangers. Strangers needing things from you. Inconveniences. You are still looking at them with a magnifying glass. Ready to defend and protect your treasure. Your earthly treasure that you are hoarding. This treasure I have told you will rot and decay right before your eyes. Soon it will be no more. What then? How will a pile of rubble serve you? No. Instead start to change your view. Begin to have understanding of your fellow siblings. They are here to learn just as you are. They are on a path also. Just as you are. They are lost. Just as you are. That is why I am asking you to look around. Start to seek out your brothers and sisters. Offer them your patience. Offer them a meal. Offer them Understanding. This is how you begin to build up treasure in Heaven. What greater treasure is there than my Father’s children that he created out of love? This treasure will grow and flourish before your eyes. A heart that knows love. A heart that understands love. A heart that I unite myself to. Will you give your “yes” to the plan of my father for you? Trust that I will assist you with my graces. I love you. Look at the sacrifice I was willing to make for your salvation. What are you being asked to give? What do your siblings need? I tell you nothing is more important than the treasure of your siblings here on earth. Take comfort in each other. What you give, you will receive. Also the measure in which you judge, will be the measure you are judged by. So stop judging each other. Instead learn to become compassionate instead. Pray for the gift of compassion. Ask and you will receive. I love you and I am sending my blessings to you tonight

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