My people. My brothers and sisters. Yet again I come with much love. Listen to the words I am giving you. There are many things that are being said in your world. So much of what is being said is not truth. These words are not coming from love. They are hidden by much evil. I am truth. Look around you. What do you see. Suffering. Loneliness. Children lost. Mesmerized by the deceptions of this thing or that thing. You must remove all the obstacles that you are surrounding yourself with. Turn off whatever is keeping you from my heart. Turn your eyes toward me. I am the way, the truth, and the light. This is the path you must take for salvation. The road that leads to my heart. My mercy. Pick up your cross and follow me. Will this be easy? No, but I am here with my graces pouring out to you. Ask and you will receive. Give your “yes” tonight. Trust in my love for you. Trust that if you choose Heaven you will be happy. Your crosses will become a joy for you. You will understand how every trial is an opportunity to earn grace and thus earn treasure. My treasure will not decay. I love you. I am sending you my priestly blessings tonight. 

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