Blessed Mother
Dear children. I place each of my children in the mantel of my protection and motherly love. I am interceding for you before the throne of my Son. This is a time of God’s mercy for you. Return to love. Turn away from sin. Focus on the path that leads you to my Son. Pray. Pray for graces to help you with this. Offer up sacrifices for your brothers and sisters. The more you pray for each other, the more love will reign in your hearts. The more love you have, the more my Son will dwell in you. Open your hearts today. Empty yourselves so my Son can fill your souls with good things. Like patience. Kindness. Charity. Love. These are the treasures that your soul is seeking. When you enter Heaven you will be so happy. You will be so glad you chose the path of love. Listen to your mother who loves you. I gave my “yes” to the Father. This was a difficult journey for me. My “yes” cost me my Son. But my “yes” also opened the doors of Heaven through my Son’s yes to his Father. A “yes” can be difficult. However the Father turns all tears into joys. Much greatness comes from suffering. I love you and I am encouraging you to give your “yes” to Heaven. Pray the prayer that the Father has given you. Many blessings will come from those words prayed with a loving heart. Remember I am praying for you my dear little ones. You are not alone on this journey. In love you. I am praying for you. 

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