Brothers and sisters. Tonight I ask you to contemplate my passion. To understand love you must remember what was sacrificed for you. I laid down my life for you. Do not let those just be words to you. Do not just say he laid down his life for me and pass over the words like wind. No. Walk through the words in your soul. Sit with me. Let me enter your soul. When you contemplate this then you will start to understand the depth of love I have for you. How important your soul is. What a price I paid for your freedom. The true weight (value) of your soul. When I suffered out of love for you. My mother was present to comfort me. Be present to comfort each other. Start loving each other as I have loved you. Be willing to make sacrifices for each other. No matter how small they may be. Their value is immeasurable when given out of love. How do you measure the value on someone’s smile. Or the peace they have when they retire for the night. How do you measure comfort. No. It is immeasurable. That is how you begin to grow. My brothers and sisters. Wake up and look around. I guarantee there will be opportunities to aid your family here. Just be silent and listen. I tell you put yourself last. Put others first and listen. What you do for the least of my Father’s children, you do for me. Yes, the brother who suffered much for love of you. Learn to love. That is the path that will take you to Heaven. I love you. I am blessing your efforts tonight. My peace be with you. 

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