Blessed Mother
My dear little ones. It is I your mother reaching out to you tonight. I am calling on you to take this time and renew yourselves with the Father through my Son. He is the way. Look to his teachings while he walked the earth. What did he preach about. Love. Compassion. Forgiveness. Look to my Son. He is still guiding your hearts with lessons on love. Pray that you may understand and keep the two commandments he preached. To love the Father above all and to love your neighbor as yourself. My children. Who is your neighbor? It is everyone. You are all children of the Father. You are all siblings. Part of a Heavenly family. Help each other. Practice love. Keep prayer in your families so you can pass this down through all generations. I love you tenderly. I am sending you motherly blessings. Remember I am praying for each and every one of my children. Pray for each other. May you have peace in your families and may that peace extend throughout your world. 

Brothers and sisters. Tonight I ask you to look around at your current path. Where are you at? Look around at your homes and families. Look at your work. That is where you are at on your path. What you surround yourself with, that is where your heart lies. So I ask you again. Look around and discern in your heart. Is this where you wish to be? Are you living the will of the Father? Are you taking care of your fellow siblings? Are you practicing love, charity, forgiveness, and patience? Or are you staying stagnant for fear of changing. Have you become so comfortable that you wish to not rock the boat. Look around. Are you asleep? Pray for my graces to help you see where you are at. Give your “yes” to God each day. Stay close to my heart and rely on me for guidance. Then you will be assured of where you are at. On the road to Heaven. I love you and I am blessing your efforts tonight. 

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