Come to me you who are heavy burdened and I will give you rest. It is I your Lord sending you comfort tonight. Your hearts are heavy burdened. Give them to me. My mercy is endless for this generation. My heart is opened to you. Come into the chambers of my heart and seek comfort. I will give you comfort. I have not abandoned you. No. I am with you always. You are troubled because you have not chosen your path. You lack trust in me. You have little faith because you are asleep. Now is the time to arise from your slumber and look around. Where is your treasure? Scattered about. Falling into ruins. I have told you the treasure you have stored up will not last. It will rot and decay. That is why it is so important for you to give your “yes” today. Empty yourselves so I can fill your heart with good things. Like honesty. Humility. Love of neighbor. Those are the treasures I wish to fill in your heart. I will give you the graces to start anew. These treasures will not rust or decay. They cannot be taken from you. A kingdom is built on the love of it’s people. It grows as it’s people grow. Honesty nourishes it. When you have an honest heart you will not be deceived by the things of this world. I love you. Come to me and I will nourish you. I am the bread of life. A Shepherd calling it’s sheep. 

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