Blessed Mother
My dear little ones. How your world suffers. Listen to my Son. He is peace. He is truth. He will lead the way to happiness. To have joy you must learn to love. That is an obstacle for you. You worry so much about your needs. Do not fear about what you have or don’t have. Trust that your Father is taking care of your needs. Your home is in Heaven. That is why my Son suffered at the hands of men. He suffered out of love for his brothers and sisters. You suffer from a lack of love for those same brothers and sisters. You must learn to love. Then you will have happiness in your hearts. Pray. Ask the Father to send graces for this. Ask my Son to break your hearts of stone. I am your mother. I am praying for you. I am interceding for you. You are loved. Please wake up and look around. Where is the love in your world. Is it for each other or for yourselves alone. Stop and love each other. Listen to the cries of your brothers and sisters. Silence yourselves so you can hear my Son. He is calling to his lost sheep. Pray that you are not left outside in the cold. I love you and I am offering up much prayers for my children. Learn to love. Pray from the heart. Open your heart to my Son. Give the Father your “yes” today. I love you and I am sending my motherly blessings. 


Brothers and sisters. You are loved by all of Heaven. You do not yet realize what is at stake. You keep thinking tomorrow I can do this or that. Tomorrow I can change my path. You have not been given tomorrow. Start today. Change your path to a path of love. Start to see each other as brother and sister. Do not look at each other as strangers. Then you will start to form hard hearts. You will think this person has greater value than someone else. I can assure you each of you are loved equally by my Father. Each of you are precious in the eyes of Heaven. Do you realize the importance of your brothers and sisters soul? Have you thought about how a single act of kindness can change the hard hearts of men? Start praying for each other. You are your greatest treasures. Learn to love each other as I have loved you. There is no sacrifice too great. Look at what I sacrificed for your eternal happiness. I understand the value in your greatest possession. Your soul. Do not be deceived by the evil lurking in this world. You are loved. Your soul has great value. No one is greater than the brother who is willing to lay down his life for another. To learn selfless love, you must deny yourselves, pick up your cross and follow me. I love you. I am the bread of life. Come to me and you will never go hungry or thirsty again. For I will give you the cup of salvation and the bread of life. Come to the table and be nourished. I am blessing your efforts tonight. 

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