3/3/2011 God the Father
My dear children. I love you with Fatherly concern. Concern for where my children are headed. Your choices are not made with your brothers and sisters in your heart. Open your hearts to me tonight. I will change your hearts of stone. I long to reside in each of you. That is why I ask you to give me your “yes” today. Each day you have a Choice to giving your “yes” to me or the things of this word. Tonight give your “yes” to me. Then I will send my graces to teach you love. Love for your brothers and sisters. Then your choices will lead you to my kingdom. Your home. Listen to my Fatherly love for you. Remember how loved you are. Look to my Son for proof if you are still doubting. 
3/3/2011 Jesus
Brothers and sisters. I am the bread of life. You are hungry for truth. You will never be satisfied with the things of this world. No. They are too fleeting. You only have today. Make your choices for Haven. Soon it will be lent. Look to my cross when you have times of suffering. I too suffered at the hands of my brothers and sisters. I understand however the value of each of their souls. I forgave immediately even from my cross. That is what I am asking of you. Forgive with an open heart. Love with kindness and charity. Joy will come from your efforts. Again look to me if you struggle. I am here. I will send you angels. Guardians of your souls to help and encourage you on this difficult journey. You are never alone. Trust in me. I am mercy. I lead the way. I opened the door for you. All you need to do is enter. Love. That will be your key to entering. Your brothers and sisters is your treasure you will take with you into the kingdom. Leave no one outside. Each of my Father’s children have a seat at his table. All are welcomed. Love as I have taught you. I am blessing your efforts. I am loving you with brotherly love.

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