My people. My brothers and sisters. I wish to talk again about faith. Faith is like a tree you plant in the garden. It starts out so small. Care is needed so the roots will grow deep in the ground. Then strong winds will not topple it. When the roots are deep, droughts will not kill it. You must grow your roots of faith. Deeply seated in your soul. Then when difficult storms enter your life you will come through it unharmed. What grows strong faith? Trust in me. Trust that the Father will provide for your needs. Practice charity with your brothers and sisters. Practice kindness towards each other. Come to my table so you can be fed with the bread of life. That is how you grow faith. Open your hearts tonight. Do not allow yourselves to have hard hearts. No, listen to my words. They are gentle and full of love. Have hope in my voice. Remember you are loved. My Father created you out of nothingness and breathed life into you. He gave you your greatest possession. A soul. To be loved for all eternity. Have no fear in growing a strong tree of faith. I love you and you belong in the Kingdom my Father created for his children. You are a part of his garden. His family. I am blessing you tonight with my priestly blessings. I love you with my heart pierced for you. 

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