3/1/2011 God the Father
My dear children

What is faith? Where do you walk each day? Are you looking ahead or behind you? Faith is trusting in your Lord. If you look behind you focusing on what was and living in the past, you are not trusting in me. I am not a God of the past. I am a God of the present. Do not look past today. I did not give you tomorrow. Trust in today. Live each day renewed. Give me your “yes” today. I will bless your efforts. I will send you graces necessary for today. I am your Father. I love you. You belong to me. Faith is trusting your Father. 
3/1/2011 Jesus
My people. My brothers and sisters. You look to find peace in your heart. To seek peace you must deny yourself, pick up your cross and come follow me. I am peace. My peace I give to you. Your crosses are what will gain you the treasure your soul needs. These treasures are patience. Kindness. Honesty. Love of brother. These can never be taken from you. When you practice kindness then kindness will begin to grow in your heart. What you give freely away will come back to you sevenfold. If you are honest then you will gain respect. Those are the treasures you should seek. Do not waste your time on things that will bring you no yield. Those things will only collect dust and rot away. Things that distract you will only lead you astray on your path to the Kingdom. Pray that you use your time wisely. Remember you do not know the hour I may call your name. I will ask what you have done with the graces you received. I will look to see what fruit you yielded for my garden. How will you answer? I am sending you graces. Ask and you shall receive. Use these graces for treasure in Heaven. That treasure is your brothers and sisters. I love you and I am blessing your efforts. 

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