God is love
Look into the heart of my son. There you will find love. That is the love I have for my children. When a parent has a child. No sacrifice is to big. A parent will do anything for their child that is safe. They feed and clothe. Provide love and shelter. Ensure their child has everything necessary to grow into adulthood. That is what I provided for my children. I gave you a world with food. I clothed you and provided shelter. Then I ensured your eternity with the sacrifice of my only son. Simply look at his heart. Pierced open for the salvation of my children. That is how loved you are. Now I ask for you to show love and kindness to each other in return. That is how you will enter the Kingdom. You will join your ancestors at my table of plenty. Sitting next to your brothers and sisters that you chose to love here on earth.(this does not mean we get to pick and choose who we love. We will get to sit next to each other because we chose to love) I gave you each other to learn love. This is a lesson that you need to practice everyday. You can only master something that you practice. So practice love. I am love. 

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