Brothers and sisters. Open your hearts tonight. How small you are. Your problems seem so large. Do you not trust that I can assist you on your road? What difficulties do you have? What graces do you need? Ask. Ask and you shall receive. I am here. I will give you what you need to increase your faith. How do you nourish your faith. Prayer. Come to the table. Repent of your sins. If you are not yet loving your brothers and sisters then you must stop everything you are doing. I can assure you nothing else is as important. Stop and go to your brother and sister. Ask for their forgiveness. Forgive them in return. Then come to the table and I will feed you. Your cup must be clean inside so I can fill it. Love. Put others ahead of yourselves. That is how you will grow in faith. When you find difficulty with this task remember to pray and fast. Fasting clears the body and offers sacrifices for your brothers and sisters. It was through prayer and fasting that much evil was cast out of souls. Your world is sick. Prayers and sacrifices are needed. You must stop waiting. You do not realize the state your world is in. Listen all around you. Quiet yourselves. Then pray to my Father. Ask him to enlighten your heart. You will see the condition of your soul. Where is your love? Where are you headed with your choices? Have you given heaven your “yes”? These are the questions you need to ponder. Ask yourself again. What choices are you making? Pray for my help. I will assist you in this. Listen to your angels. They are constantly at your side giving you guidance. They are your guardians. I am sending you my blessings tonight. I love you. You are mine. 

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