Brothers and sisters. Fear not. I am the way, the truth, and the light. I am the bread of life sent from Heaven for the salvation of this world. Here you have much sufferings. You have many trials brought on by your sins. Sins of the flesh. Sins of malice. Sins of greed. You have hard hearts and are unwilling to practice the virtues you have been taught. How much longer do you think your world can continue on the path it is on. Trust. That is what I ask of you. Trust. That is how you begin to change. You have been asked to give Heaven your “yes”. We are requesting this, because that is how you start any task. First you must decide that is the task you are willing to do. You say “yes”, then you are agreeing to complete this task. Your “yes” to Heaven means you are agreeing you wish to come home to Heaven. Now you need to start that journey with trust. When you trust a teacher you will follow their instructions. You will do as you are asked. You know in the end you will succeed in that class. You will gain knowledge of that subject. I am your teacher. My instructions are easy to follow. You must listen with your heart. You must trust in my mercy. You must trust that you are truly loved. You must trust that you belong in Heaven. Will you be expected to sacrifice during this journey? Yes. I will ask you to deny yourself pick up your cross and follow me. Then you will learn love. You will stop worrying about your needs and trust in God’s providence for you. You will focus your attention on your brother. Teaching your children about love, kindness and charity. Heaven is your home. You have a seat at the banquet. I would not say this if it were not true. How happy you will be when you are in Heaven for all eternity. Where every tear is wiped away. You will not regret anything you sacrificed here for the Kingdom. Why? Because you will see how much time you have wasted on things that brought your soul no treasure. You will be happy that you choose Heaven. You will see how all your efforts produced much fruit. When you do deeds out of love they produce good fruit. A fruit all can share in. When you put yourself first. Doing what benefits you, then you will produce rotten fruit that will decay before your eyes. Put others first. Place yourself last. Than you will receive a just reward. The knowledge of loving your neighbor. My children. What you treasure is not what the Father treasures. Trust that you will be given exactly what you need to gain the Kingdom of Heaven. Brothers and sisters. Take time to reflect on this. Take time to pray and ask for graces to help you through your crosses. Take time to enjoy what you have been given on earth. Then you will have a joyful heart. Love each other. Take care of your siblings, then you will have happiness. I am sending you blessings tonight. 

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