My dear people. It is I your King. Your brother. You need much help as you start your journey. Ask for help along the way. Heaven is ready to assist her children. All of us are waiting for your return home. Listen carefully to these messages. Learn from what is being taught. This journey will not always be easy. Fear not I am with you. Constantly sending my graces, accept them. Do not turn away from my voice. I am the good Shepard. My sheep know my voice. You will hear me calling out to you. Listen. So loved are you by all of Heaven. Your return is very important. Comeback to the ways of the Father. Not the ways of men. Remember your world is currently sick and in need of a physician. I am coming. You will not be left desolate. Listen to my voice. I love you. Come to me for forgiveness. I am mercy. You need not be afraid. The devil can no longer trick you with his illusions. No, I am coming. I am bringing my Father’s children back to him. You must choose your path quickly. Choose the path that leads to Heaven. That is where you belong. You are the rightful heir. I opened the gate. You are my brothers and sisters. That makes you rightful heirs to the Kingdom. But you still have the free will to choose. Only you can make that choice. Heaven is calling out to her children. Choose Heaven. I am blessing you with my priestly blessing. I love you all. 

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