My dear children. I come to you tonight to teach you about faith. Faith is like a rose. First it starts out as a tightly woven bud. What lies inside is invisible to the naked eye. But with much love and tending to it begins to unfold and burst forth. Growing in beauty and fragrance. This is how faith is. You must tend to your faith. You must nourish it for it to bloom to it’s potential. That faith will be seen by everyone who walks by. You do not need to say a word and everyone will still see it’s beauty. You are all my beautiful flowers in my garden. So beautiful are each of you. No two are exactly alike yet all of you together make a magnificent display. That is why your siblings are so important. You need each other. You learn about love. Everyone has a different talent to share. Put those talents together and you have a masterpiece. My masterpiece. Made out of love. If you could only see the beauty that lies in each of you. If you could only understand how special and unique you each are. Then place each of my children together and you have the greatest creation of all. Family. My family. That is why not a single soul should be lost from me. You cannot understand the beauty and preciousness of your soul. So priceless is it that only my son’s life was ransom enough. Ponder that. Nothing else was fitting enough. All the treasures and still none compared to the treasure of your soul. That is how special you are. That is why Heaven rejoices so much when a lost child returns home. That is why trumpets sound in the streets in Heaven celebrating a repentant sinner. In Heaven you understand that treasure. The beauty of your soul. If you could understand this you would never jeopardize your purity. You would not want to stain it’s beauty with sin. Practice love. Practice charity. Your treasure in Heaven will grow. That treasure is understanding of yourself. Your place in the kingdom. In Heaven there is only happiness because you have knowledge of how truly loved you are. You feel your soul’s uniqueness. You are wrapped in my heart. Never do you feel jealous or look for faults in your siblings. No, you rejoice in the kingdom. You share in the eternal banquet. You celebrate in the streets when a brother or sister comes home. You share in that love. That is why I tell you you can start living your Heaven here on earth. Start loving each other. Stop looking for faults. Take nothing to your heart except love and charity. The faster you forgive the faster you feel love for that brother. Remember no one here is perfect. You will make mistakes too. Do you want someone to hold a grudge against you, or do you wish for forgiveness and their blessing. That is why you must begin to change your heart now. That change will begin with a simple yes. Say “yes” to me. Call out to me and I will send down my graces to you. I will send a legion of angels to help you. I will not abandon you in this effort. I love you. I am your Father. Remember I called you out of nothingness into this world. I have given you everything to live here, and I have given you everything you need to prepare for the next. Each other. You need your siblings to get to Heaven. Every cross I have given you, to help teach you a lesson. Maybe that lesson was patience. Maybe it is to accept my will. Maybe it is to teach you about greed. To let you see yourself as I see you. I also send you opportunities to let your siblings have the chance to grow in faith by helping you. Accept help. You are doing your sibling a great favor. You are allowing them to earn treasure in Heaven. You are letting them practice charity. Yes, it is humbling to accept help. But my child you need to learn humility. Remember you suffer a great deal from pride. When you come across a difficulty remain silent and pray from your heart for my help. I will send you what you need to accomplish your task. Trust in my providence for you. My goal is to bring you home. I love you. You belong in Heaven with your family who is praying and waiting for you. Remember you are chosen and cherished by me. Uniquely beautiful and at the same time a part of a much grander picture. A family. You are never alone. I am here. I did not leave you orphaned. Grow in faith and trust. Love one another as I have loved you. I am sending you blessings from Heaven. Stay straight on the path. I will help you. Rely on me. I love you and you are mine. 

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