Fear not my children. Your Father loves you. Fear does not come from me. It comes from a heart that lacks trust. When you trust in my providence you are always happy. You are happy because you know that I am giving you exactly what your soul needs. I would not give you what you do not need. But your needs are different than mine. You think of things of this earth while I think from a perspective of Heaven. My plan is to call you home. That is it. No more no less. My way is not hard or burdensome. It is you that makes life hard by not surrendering yourselves to me. You listen to this world deceived from the garden by one of my angels who fell from my grace. He had pride. He wanted to follow his own plan. He rebelled against my love. Now he wants suffering for this world since he was cast to the ground you walk on. A wasteland ( I see people walking in the streets looking for trouble. In alleys wearing dark clothes committing crimes against their brother) to pay for his deception. He deceived out of a lack of love. I created out of love. This you must understand. My divine justice is my mercy. I mold you and prune you with opportunities to grow in love. My Kingdom is love. No one can enter when they lack love. My son paid too high of a price for this. He suffered much for your seat at the table. It is out of love for you that I willed him to come down and become a child of the earth. He felt all human feelings. He took on all sin for the salvation of mankind. That is my love for my children. How then can I not bring about perfection in my children through love? My Kingdom is eternal peace and happiness. A reward for your faithfulness to me. Your reward for your “yes”. That is why Heaven is a choice. You must choose Heaven. You cannot buy your way in. No amount of your money can do you any good here. Your door was opened by my son. You must accept this with a complete “yes”. That is why you must begin to trust again. Stop relying on yourselves. Turn to me. I will give you rest. I will teach you how to love again. Look at the gift given to you. Life. There is no greater treasure that your world has. Life. Return to me. A man who is willing to lose his life for the sake of his brother will save it. But a man who tries to save his own life and ignore his brother has already lost his. Why? Lack of love. You cannot enter the Kingdom until you learn and have love within yourself. Not self love but selfless love. That is what my justice demands from this world. I sent my son to open Heaven. I sent him to bring my children home. Where are you? Stop and pray. Where are you? Is your existence dark and lonely? Do you cry out in the night screaming injustice? Stop. I can assure you you are not receiving anything except what you need for your journey. My children you are no different than your ancestors who cried injustices in the desert. They suffered from the same illness that this world suffers from. Self love and self importance. Pride. When you humble yourselves like little children then you will start seeing how all of your difficulties have come about. You will see the many times you lacked love for your siblings. How you deserted them in their time of trial, yet you want those same brothers to be there for you. You hippocrites. Stop only thinking of yourselves. You are not alone. The more you see each other as siblings. My children. The sooner you will begin to focus on each other. Think about an injury you received a cut on Your finger. When you look at the cut and focus on it it hurts. But if you quickly bandage it and start to focus elsewhere you soon forget that it even hurts. That I how I want you to live. Focusing yourselves on helping each other. Loving each other. Then you will soon forget about your sufferings and they will become joys for you. You will truly begin living your Heaven on earth. Do not feel that this is too burdensome for you. Am I not here? Didn’t I tell you from the beginning that I hear all of your prayers? I will send you angels to guide you. I will send my spirit to give you knowledge about areas of your life you are struggling. You only need to ask and you shall receive. I have not left you orphans. I love you with an everlasting love. You are truly mine and I love each of you. You are so close to my heart. A Father only wants what is best for his children. I can assure you I am no different. I want peace for you. You just have to listen to my voice. I’m calling your name. I am calling you home unto my heart. My peace I give to you. I will bless your efforts and reward you. My kingdom is here ready for your arrival. Your seat is ready for you at my banquet. Give me your yes and love one another. 

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