My dear children. It is I your Father, sending you greetings from Heaven. Listen to my words. I love you. I have since the beginning of time. You were always in my heart. That is why I carved you in the palm of my hand. I created you in my image and likeness. That image is love. You are a part of me. You are my family. My chosen people. Beloved above all. Do you hear what I am saying. Chosen. You are mine. Look around at you world I have given you. Can you see my love for my children. Have I not provided everything for you. In the beginning I knew your name. I called you out of nothingness. Now I am asking for you to comeback from your exile in the wilderness. You have been away from my heart. You no longer hear me calling. Your world has become too noisy with your distractions. Turn off everything and listen to my voice. I love you. I love you with an everlasting love. A parent raises their children with much thought. They plan for their future. Provide for their needs. Making sure they are safe. They are happy. I am your father. I provided you a world full of plenty. I made sure you had guardians to keep you safe. I gave you each other to provide you happiness. I created an eternal kingdom for you to share with me forever. I gave you my only son. I willed for him to offer me his life in exchange for your sins. I am a merciful God. My love cannot be understood while you are here. My justice is my love. I know, so many things you do not understand about your world or the next. Fear not. I have your happiness in my heart. I have your safety in my thoughts. I am your creator. I know exactly what you need or want before you utter a single sound. That is how much I love you. Listen to me. Hear my voice. I love you. You are mine. Trust in my Fatherly care for you. Come to me. I will listen to your concerns. Do not be afraid to approach me. Like I said I already know what is concerning you. All you need to do is trust. Look up. I am there. Look at each other. I am there. This world I have given you. The kingdom I have given you through the blood of my only son. He paid the price of my justice for you. I set an angel before the gate of heaven. I could not let you in until all of this came to pass. You had to understand what a price is on your soul. The value cannot be understood except to tell you that it took the life of my son to pay it’s ransom. That is why all of Heaven is calling out to you. Here everyone knows what complete joy and happiness is. Here no tears are shed. There is only love in my kingdom. There is only light. Never to be dark again. ( on earth where we have darkness and sin) Is that worth your yes. Can you accept that I love you. Can you understand that my love is unconditional. Can you see how to fully accept this love you must learn what love is. You have to put down the things of this world that is keeping you from me. You cannot feel my presence when your homes and lives are so full of things. My love is present only now. You only have the present moment. Yesterday is gone forever and I have not yet given you tomorrow. Just this very moment give me your yes. Start anew. Let me enter your heart and begin to teach you about love. To learn you will have to sacrifice. You must learn this, to give love before you can receive. You must first serve before you can be served. Go out and love your brother. I gave you each other to learn. Go out and learn. Find your brother. Embrace him. Put aside your anger. Forgive immediately as I have forgiven you. Then come to my banquet were you will be welcomed. What you do to the least of my children. Surely I will give you your just reward. Would a parent give their child a stone if they asked for a fish. Well neither will I give you a stone. Take care of each other. Then you will learn what love is about. Your treasure will grow. You will not regret even a second of helping your brother or sister. You will however have much sadness if you do nothing for them. Do not look away from their needs. Your father sees everything. Instead seek them out. Do not wait for your brother to need you. And have to ask. Seek them first. That is where your greatest treasure will lie. The giving up of yourself. What you will lose on earth for the sake of one of my little ones you will gain a hundredfold in my kingdom. You are loved. Remember this. You are mine. I love you. Carved from the palm of my hand. I place you in my heart since the beginning. Chosen and cherished by me. I love you and you are mine. 

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