To a world currently consumed with greed. I give you greetings from Heaven. It is I God the Father. I wish to talk about greed. Truly you have heard that greed is the root of all evil. I shall explain why. In Your world you have created a heirachy of people. At the top you place importance on those with wealth of money or skills. Then you have a large group were most people are. A variety of wealths and skills. Then you have the bottom. Where you put the prostitutes, drug dealers. Poor and less skilled. You created this. Those at the bottom are just as loved and just as important as those at the top. You are the ones who choose to love them less. You deem them unworthy of your time or talents. Yet any of those children would be happy to share what talents or gifts they had. You see them as unhappy because they do not have as much material wealth as you. I can assure you that is not true. There are many children who are twice as unhappy at the top of your groups. If you would stop looking for faults in each other you could begin to see the uniqueness of each other. So beautiful like the many flowers growing in the garden. I see the beauty in all of my children. Nothing( made by man) in this world impresses me. What I long for is love. For my children to learn to love each other. To value everyone. Believe me I placed each of you on this earth for a reason. Each person contributes no matter how small a gift. That gift is to be shared among all my children. It is the gift of family. How happy you could be if you would simply love. Everything else would fall into place. Wars would end. Famine would stop. None of my children would shed tears of hunger and pain. They would know they are loved and wanted. I love and want all my children. I am the Father who made each of you. All chosen and cherished. There is no heirachy in my heart. I love each of my children. In Heaven you will understand what love is. That is what Heaven is. I created a kingdom of love. So much did I love you that I gave my only son to this world. He laid down his life for you, honoring my will. Is there any sacrifice equal to this? What are you willing to sacrifice of yourself for love of brother? Will you sacrifice your pride to learn humility? Will you sacrifice your wealth to feed the poor? Will you sacrifice your greed to learn love? I promise you no sacrifice you give will go unrewarded. Your treasure in Heaven will grow. That treasure will last forever. No one can steal it and it will never rot. Please start to seek the real treasure. 

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