My brothers and sisters. Your many struggles that you are enduring come from a lack of love. If you would begin to pray more, then you would begin to love more. Your relationships with each other needs to begin with a concern for the other person’s needs. It is a lack of love when you argue and get upset. You then fail to forgive and you heart becomes hard. That is why I am telling you to forgive immediately. Then put your siblings needs ahead of yours. You will do this by listening more and talking less. Show charity towards everyone. It is out of charity that true love will grow. Then you will really see every person as your true brother and true sister. You will see how you are a part of my Father’s family. That is what these messages are all about. A return to family. A return to the Father. You cannot see God with a hard heart. That is why you must learn to love. Then you can follow the commands I gave you. To love the Father with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself. 
An ocean is endless in appearance. My mercy is endless period. You just need to believe that and come to me. Trust in what I am saying. I will forgive all you have done. I will restore you anew. Simply ask. Seek the treasure of Heaven. That is done by love. You cannot yet realize how your heart will grow when you practice all I am teaching you. I love you with an everlasting love. 

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