It is I St. Michael sending greetings from Heaven. I stand before the throne of God ready to defend the safety of all his children. The battle between satan and you children continues to wage on. War is at your doorstep. Pray for the intercession of your angels. We are the guardians of your souls. We are messengers of the King. Ready to wage war against the enemy. The price of your soul cannot be understood by mankind. There is nothing that you have that is of greater value. Yet you leave your greatest treasure defenseless. Unguarded so that any evil can come without your notice. Arise from your slumber and awake to fight for your right. You are heirs to the Kingdom of God. Bought for you with the blood of the slain Lamb. The true King. Keep watch over your treasure before you find your soul in ruins. We are ready to fight with you. Ask for our help in this battle. Your cries will not go unheard. Your angel stands watch over you day and night. Believe and trust in the Lord. Victory will be yours. 

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