Brothers and sisters. Your world is in a state of turmoil. So many obstacles have been put in your path by the devil. Like litter in the street. You have become so weakened by sin that you can no longer discern the difference between good and evil. You do not know what is good for you. You look at the pleasure of something and say to yourselves that is good. Because it feels good. Not so. Only Heaven knows what is truly good for you. That is why you must return to a life of prayer and silence. Prayer is how you need to ask for grace to discern whether a situation is good or bad for you. Silence is how you will hear the answer. You need to stop talking and start listening. Open your eyes to what is happening around you. Where are you at on the road to salvation. Are you straight or have you become distracted yet again. Pray to be placed back on the straight path. Remember Heaven hears all of your prayers. You only need to ask to receive. Focus on what is being said. You will begin to grow. Yes, uncomfortable at first but soon this path will become easier. When you are heavy burdened I will come and lift your yoke. 

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