St. Anne
Dear dear people. Where shall I begin. You need to learn about love. I am here to help you with this lesson. I can tell you that the easier way to learn about love is from the example of my daughter. Her “yes” to God was given the moment the angel Gabriel delivered the message from Heaven. She said “yes” to the Father. Just as you are being asked to give your “yes” today. She loved the Father and trusted him with all things. Was she scared? Yes. Did she understand everything? No. But she trusted. You do not understand the ways of the Father either. But you must trust in his love for you. You must trust that he knows what each of his children need. That is why I tell you to look at the simplicity of my daughter. She was quiet. She was pure of heart. She was selfless. She gave everything to God. She carried much burden in her heart. Her task was not easy. Much sorrow followed her during her journey here. But she trusted in the Father’s plan. She gave everything to the Father including her only Son. As I told you, she remained silent. Holding all these things in her heart. She knew God’s plan was important. She was part of that plan. But she had a choice just like you. She had free will just like you. Think about her “yes” and what that entailed. Then think about your own “yes”. Pray to my Grandson for much light on this. Heaven is calling out to you. Stay silent to hear the calls. My daughter and I will intercede and pray for you. Peace to you. You are loved. 

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